Our work

Health indicators of people in rural communities are generally lower than those in urban centres. Rural communities, health services, academic institutions and industry are dedicated to finding ways to improving health and wellbeing.

Rural Local Health Districts face numerous challenges to delivering Better Value Care across large geographical areas and diverse communities.

Key challenges include:

  • providing access to health care
  • delivering models of health care that are effective in a rural environment
  • staff shortages and high turnover
  • addressing social issues and determinants relevant to people living in rural NSW.

Research is identified as an important component to strengthening health systems and improving health outcomes.

Our approach

The Alliance is working with a range of stakeholders to provide opportunities that support the development of research capability to meet these challenges.  It is specifically interested in fostering research that informs the delivery of rural health care.

The Alliance aims to make progress towards this goal through three broad objectives:

  1. To provide strong leadership that inspires research to benefit rural NSW
  2. To enable research active environments to promote knowledge translation in rural NSW
  3. To build strategic partnerships that create and share research knowledge, infrastructure and resources to advance rural health research.


Our Mission