Management of Rural Acute Coronary Syndrome


Management of Rural Acute Coronary Syndrome (MORACS)

Lead LHD:

Hunter New England

Research Project:

The project ‘Management of Rural Acute Coronary Syndrome (MORACS)’, aims to define a new paradigm for assessment and management of Acute Coronary Syndrome in rural settings.

This comes off the back of findings that one third of patients presenting to Australian hospitals with STEMI (Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction) do not receive standard primary reperfusion treatment. This treatment involves thrombolysis (pharmacological treatment), which if delivered in a timely fashion, has similar outcomes to surgical intervention. Misdiagnosis of treatment increases mortality/morbidity rates, readmission rates and length of hospital stays, which is overrepresented in rural hospitals.

This project will randomise small rural hospitals, referring patients for usual care or mandated advice from a central hub service. This central hub service will then channel patients into existing ACS management structures. The main outcome will be the difference in diagnosis of patients at rural hospitals across two LHDs: HNELHD and South Western Sydney LHD.

Project Lead:

Professor Andrew Boyle.