CIRCuiTS Implementation Trial

Project Title

CIRCuiTS Implementation Trial

Lead Local Health District

Western NSW

Research Project

CIRCuiTS (Computerised Interactive Remediation of Cognition – Training for Schizophrenia) is a web-based cognitive rehabilitation programme designed by researchers at Kings College in London, to improve the functioning of people with schizophrenia. In this first trial of the CIRCuiTS programme in NSW, our therapy team so far worked with more than 50 adult inpatients at Bloomfield hospital and also with patients of the Community Mental Health Team in Orange.

The project is examining the feasibility and acceptability of the CIRCuiTS programme in our local service contexts. A mixed quantitative and qualitative design is collecting data on cognitive and functional outcomes, as well as participants’ and therapists’ experiences of the programme. Our team won Category 8: Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services in the 2018 Western NSW LHD Living Quality and Safety Health and Innovation Awards. This project was supported by a Round 1 TRGS grant.


“Our project has found the CIRCuiTS programme to be feasible and acceptable in our local service contexts, both with inpatients and participants living in the community.”

“Through offering the CIRCuiTS programme, we have seen participants achieving meaningful goals and making strong, gains in their daily functioning.”

“CIRCuiTS is an important programme that is bringing hope and making a positive difference in the recovery journeys of people with schizophrenia.”

Dr Matt Thomas, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Chief Investigator.