Palliative Care – End of Life

Name of Project

The Far West Palliative Approach Framework: providing patient-centred high quality palliative and end of life care for rural and remote communities

Lead Local Health District

Far West

Research Project

National, state, and local policy objectives promote the provision of patient-centred high-quality palliative and end of life care for rural and remote residents, either at home or as close to home as possible. The Far West NSW Palliative and End of Life Model of Care and the Far West Palliative Approach Framework were developed to assist the provision of a comprehensive yet streamlined patient-centred palliative approach to care in a non-specialist setting.

This research project will determine the processes and factors associated with the development and implementation of the Model and Framework, and evaluate the adaptation as well as its impact on patient care and outcomes in multiple rural and remote healthcare settings.

The evaluation has a mixed method design, will be conducted in two phases, and will be guided by the RE-AIM evaluation framework. The first phase will focus on the development of the Framework and implementation within a Broken Hill RACF. The second phase will evaluate the implementation of the Framework to other sites and settings in far west NSW.

Evaluation data will be fed back to the individual sites and settings to support continuing local development and sustainable application of the Framework. The translational impact begins by changing the local policy and practice of sites and services through the adoption of a palliative approach through the Framework and optimising care to context.

Project Team

Chief Investigator: Dr Sarah Wenham (FWLHD-specialist palliative care physician)

Associate Investigators: Melissa Cumming (FWLHD-Director, palliative care), Renee Cooper (FWLHD, Palliative Care CNC), Prof David Lyle (Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health), Dr Emily Saurman (Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health)