Waiting for Speech Pathology

Project Title

Waiting for Speech Pathology

Lead Local Health District

Western NSW

Research Project

Speech pathologists from Western NSW Local Health District are partnering with researchers from Charles Sturt University (CSU) in world-first research about waiting for speech pathology. The research aims to inform best practice and appropriate care while families wait for speech pathology services, including exploring how information and strategies can be provided to parents while waiting for therapy.

The project ‘Waiting for speech pathology: Device versus advice?’ was successful in receiving NSW Health funding from the Translational Research Grants Scheme (TRGS) – Round 2. The project commenced in July, 2017, and is due for completion mid-2019.

The outcomes of this research will inform speech pathology clinical practice in NSW Health. The research is also applicable to similar services in Australia and internationally.

The research team includes Emily Davis, Katrina Rohr and Angela Roberts (Bathurst Community Health Centre); Katherine Miller and Sally Thornton (Dubbo Primary, Community and Allied Health); and Professor Sharynne McLeod and PhD candidate Nicole McGill (CSU).

The partner organisations involved in the research are Western NSW Local Health District, Charles Sturt University, NSW Health, NSW Children’s Hospital Network, Speech Pathology Australia, and the International Expert Panel on Multilingual Children’s Speech.


“Speech pathologists in Western NSW Health are proud to partner with researchers from Charles Sturt University to inform clinical best practice in NSW Health and more broadly.

Speech pathology services often have waiting lists. Our research is an important step in identifying how we can support families with appropriate care and information while they wait.”

Katrina Rohr, Speech Pathologist, Bathurst Community Health Centre.