Swap what’s packed in the lunchbox(SWAP-IT)

Lead LHD:

Hunter New England

Research Project:

This project ‘Swap What’s Packed in the Lunchbox (SWAP-It)’, aims to develop and pilot an online healthy lunchbox intervention.

Studies show that children consume a third of their daily energy intake at school, with many items being energy-dense and nutrient poor. The main issue with current approaches to improving foods packed for children, is an inability to effectively reach parents. This project will see a partnership with the leading provider of an online school communication platform in NSW to communicate with parents (accessing 1550 schools and approximately 465,000 children). 

The primary aim of this study is to assess, via a randomised controlled trial, the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an intervention that makes use of an existing online communication provider to improve the kilojoule content from discretionary foods and drinks packed in a child’s lunchbox.

Project Lead:

Associate Professor Luke Wolfenden.